Course Content
Module 1: Introduction to NDT
Unveiling the Invisible: What is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)? Demystifying the Need: Applications of NDT Across Industries Beyond the Surface: Exploring Different Types of Flaws Seeing the Unseen: Overview of NDT Methods
Module 2: Essential NDT Methods
Visual Inspection: The Power of Observation & Technology Liquid Penetrant Testing: Unveiling Surface Discontinuities Magnetic Particle Testing: Detecting Ferromagnetic Flaws Ultrasonic Testing: Sound Waves Reveal Internal Defects Radiographic Testing: Seeing Through with X-Ray Vision
Module 3: Hands-on Learning & Applications
Putting Theory into Practice: NDT Simulations & Exercises Selecting the Right Tool for the Job: Matching NDT Methods to Applications Case Studies: Applying NDT in Real-World Scenarios Industry Regulations & Standards: Ensuring Safety & Compliance
Module 4: Expanding Your NDT Expertise
dvanced NDT Techniques: Taking Your Skills to the Next Level Preparing for NDT Certifications: Paving the Way for Career Advancement Exploring Career Paths in NDT: Exciting Opportunities Across Industries The Future of NDT: Innovation & Emerging Technologies
Beyond the Surface: Unveiling Defects with Advanced NDT Techniques
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